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Snap Keychain Brown

This item has been designed and handcrafted in house. All items are hand cut, individually punched and hand stitched for an accurate fit and durable structure. Please expect some color variations and leather particularities, a common feature of unique handcrafted leather goods. For custom color requests please contact us. For engraving examples visit this link.



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The Snap leather keychain is a handmade keychain featured with a strong snap hook to be easily attached to your belt loop. The classic metal pieces together with the distressed brown leather offer a vintage look to this small, elegant and durable keychain, which discretely slides from your belt loop down to your pocket where it safely keeps your set of keys.

  • handmade from 2-3 mm thick Italian oiled pull up leather
  • antique brass finish key ring, screw studs and snap hook
  • classic design, easy to attach to belt loop
  • BONUS brass key blank

Size: 1" × 6"

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