Take care of your leather items!

All our products are handcrafted from premium natural materials with designs intended to last for many years. The leather is carefully selected for each design to ensure the best product experience. Since it is a genuine material, natural marks such as veins or insect bites might be present. We hand pick the best leather hides based on thickness and stiffness to obtain the best final product. In order to do this, small color variations might occur sometimes resulting in a unique product that is balanced for best results. We try to maintain the basic functions of each item eliminating all the extra stitching, metal parts, adhesives or textile linings that would affect the durability of a product.

Product maintenance:

  • Wet leather – do not speed dry using a heat source or sunlight as this will dehydrate the leather and stiffen it becoming unusable.  Instead slowly dry it at room temperature keeping it’s original form as leather will maintain it’s wet form.
  • Dry leather – as leather dehydrates from exposure to sunlight or a heat source it will stiffen and crack. To avoid such damage apply a color free leather dressing to dehydrate. If none is available, use a mild hand cream and allow enough time for the leather to absorb it.
  • Dirty leather – do not attempt to wash dirty leather. Instead use a brush to remove dirt excess and the wipe the leather using a damp cloth. Do not use soap or chemical substances in the process.
  • Stretched leather – avoid stretching the leather by overloading the product occasionally. Leather has an irreversibly property to stretch out and will not return to it’s original form.
  • Scratched leather – once the surface of the leather is damaged it can be recovered based on the depth of the scratch. Light scratches will fade out from normal use over time. For deeper scratches use a soft cloth damped in natural olive oil and gently rub the scratched area.
  • Storing leather – do not store leather goods in sealed recipients such as plastic bags. Leather is an organic material that needs to breath and ventilation is needed to avoid mildew growth.

Our recommendations:

  • Our products will gain a unique patina over time. Please allow the items some time for the leather to break in and take it’s beautiful shape.
  • Most items are crafted from pull-up leather which is a wax coated hide. This leather will bring in beautiful highlights from overstretching and return to natural form. Soft scratches will occur often and they will fade out easily from simply rubbing the surface with a dry cloth.
  • We try to avoid synthetic linings in the construction of our products. This will insure a long life for your leather carry good. The flesh side of the leather is soft enough to protect the display of your device.
  • We try to use minimal stitching and no adhesives in the construction of our leather goods. The metal parts are the best solution for enclosures. Magnetic parts will often damage the display of your devices so do avoid them.
  • If the stitched thread is exposed to mechanical stress some fibers might come apart. Use a lighter to gently melt them down by slowly bringing the fire source close to them.
  • Vegetable tanned leather will age considerably from exposure to sunlight and natural oils from your hands. New leather will be very light and uniform - please expect color changes after a few weeks of daily use.