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Personalized Luggage Tag in Brown

This item has been designed and handcrafted in house. All items are hand cut, individually punched and hand stitched for an accurate fit and durable structure. Please expect some color variations and leather particularities, a common feature of unique handcrafted leather goods. For custom color requests please contact us. For engraving examples visit this link.



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Keep your luggage safer with a classy leather tag made from high quality leather. Attach it to your luggage handle bar and forget about it! It will serve you well when your baggage is waiting for you at the Lost and Found in the airport. With a discreet elegant design, the luggage tag features a privacy strap, which will protect your identity from curious eyes as it covers the laser-engraved address. The screw system will keep it safe on the luggage as it can’t be taken off without a screwdriver.

  • premium minimal design with pricavy strap
  • laser engraved text address (4-5 lines included)
  • screw rivet system for safe attaching

Size: 2" x 3.15" (excluding strap)

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