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Leather shoes and healthy footwear

Although it is said that during their lifetime a person will walk the equivalent of four times around the Equator, most people are still unacquainted with the real benefits of well made leather shoes and healthy footwear. In this fast changing modern society, taking good care of your feet is essential if you want to enjoy an active healthy life style. Either you use them casually or daily to go to work, a good pair of leather shoes has a significant effect on foot health and well being. The moment you take your shoes on and you exit the door your shoes become your second home, offering the mobility and the protection you need for your feet. That is why choosing a good pair of shoes and being aware of good fit is essential. Feet are particularly vulnerable, so good shoes have to come with the right degree of comfort, durability and reliability.

According to the Healthy Footwear Guide Group, an international association composed of independent footwear retailers and members of the Society of Shoe Fitters, a perfect shoe design should meet certain requirements. First of all, the shoe should offer good foot retention and adequate width and depth for foot function. Secondly, the in-shoe climate must create a comfortable healthy environment for your feet. Furthermore, the sole and the toe box should allow normal foot function. The upper and the lining should be soft and flexible, while the heel should have approximately 25 mm to offer stability. To cut a long story short, each component of a shoe fulfills a certain function that ensures comfort and protection is provided to the foot. All these functions combined in a thoughtfully designed leather shoe will offer the necessary functionality for your feet. Although they are more expensive, natural leather footwear offers a degree of durability that few other types of shoes are able to reach. In the same time, having a complex organic structure, leather shoes allow your feet to breathe, to maintain a stable temperature and to mold to the structure of your feet as you wear them.

When designing and manufacturing our own pairs of leather shoes in Atelier PALL, we take into account all the benefits of healthy leather footwear. Ranging from premium quality leather shoes to custom shoe lasts that we use for our customers, PALL shoes are no exception from the daily recommended footwear. In our Atelier, traditional crafting beautifully blends with modern footwear standards and we create leather products that are both unique and practical. Using special shoe lasts, we also satisfy the requirements of the people who have problems finding footwear to match a bigger toe box. Either because of bunions or simply an emphasized pressure of the toe inside the shoe due to a flat foot, our custom shoe structure will allow your feet to comfortably fit inside without worrying about any pressure points. With a quarter of a century experience in traditional shoe making, we learned the importance of quality and healthy footwear and we defined our own standards in leather shoe crafting. That is why our greatest satisfaction comes from our clients’ comfort when they are walking in their custom made Atelier PALL leather shoes.

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