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Leather recommendations - Christmas gifts

As the Christmas season approaches, we all do our best to create the perfect holiday atmosphere. One of our greatest satisfactions in doing so is to make our loved ones happy by giving them great Christmas gifts. However, in order to put a smile on their faces we have to find the presents most suited for them. Since everybody knows it’s not easy to come up with great gift ideas, we offer you the perfect gift suggestions: leather goods!

Everybody appreciates high quality leather goods because they are sophisticated and beautiful accessories that age beautifully and with the proper care and maintenance they will last for a lifetime. Therefore, they make perfect Christmas gifts that will surely be appreciated for their beauty, but especially for their well-known usefulness. Nevertheless, to make sure your gift will be cherished both for its attractive appearance and its functionality; you have to choose it according to your loved one’s preferences, passions and daily activities. To help you make your decision a little easier, we have a few great Christmas gift ideas for every important person in your life.

Since our father is one of the most important people in our lives, we always try to find a great gift to show how much we appreciate him. Well, this year give your father a gift that will always remind him of you, such as a handcrafted leather wallet. If he is a conservative old-school classy gentleman, than he will definitely appreciate a bifold leather wallet that will accommodate all his daily essential possessions in a classic style: unfolded bills and separate slots for credit cards and IDs. The Baseball Stitch Bifold Wallet is probably the best choice for such a gentleman due to its retro stylish appearance and its design that has at its core the classic European wallet style. Besides, the baseball stitch is a nice touch that makes this handmade leather wallet the perfect gift for baseball fans, who will undoubtedly considered it a very thoughtful Christmas gift. On the other hand, if your father is more of a modern active man, who often travels either for business or pleasure, than the Passport leather wallet is certainly a more appropriate gift for him. It will store all his necessary documents and boarding tickets in an elegant design. Another great practical gift for such an active person is a leather key chain with a snap hook. The Snap leather keychain is designed to be easily attached to the belt loop and slide discretely to his pocket where it will safely keep his set of keys while he will carry on to his daily activities care free!

The important ladies form your life surely deserve the most thoughtful Christmas gifts that reflects your love and their personality. For your mother, who is probably a sophisticated lady, the beige Bifold Leather Wallet seems to be the perfect choice that best suits her needs, as it accommodates credit cards, large IDs, bills and even family photos. The aesthetics of this design together with its well compartmentalized structure makes it a timeless versatile ladies wallet that makes a beautiful and practical Christmas gift. If your mother is a dynamic person that has a more minimalist style, than the Classic Flap Wallet in vegetable tan is a well suited Christmas gift for her. The color is perfect for a lady and the simple style of this design is elegant and discreet. This classic leather wallet will be extremely useful for her while grocery shopping or taking long walks in the park. If she likes travelling, than make sure she travels in style with a discreet and elegant leather luggage tag! Offer her a luggage tag hand stitched from premium leather by Atelier Pall.

For your boyfriend or best friend, a Classic Bifold Wallet in glossy black is the best Christmas gift if he is an elegant young man that likes to dress up every time he walks out the door. If he has a white collar job during the day but adopts a more casual style in the afternoon, than a more versatile wallet is recommended. As most people own an iPhone, the iPhone snap wallet is the best item you can choose as it is both casual and elegant due to its distinctive style and high quality leather. Additionally, it will spare him of the unnecessary bulkiness caused by wearing the iPhone sleeve separately of his wallet. If he already has a favorite wallet that he carries around all the time, perhaps the leather Jeans Belt Buckle will complement his casual outfits for a walk in the park or Friday nights out with his friends.

Give a great Christmas gift that will never go out of style to your girlfriend as well. If she is a modern woman who often browses the Internet on her iPhone or use it to take pictures or for online shopping, than you just found the best Christmas gift for her: the Atelier PALL iPhone Classic Wallet! This leather sleeve features two card and cash side slots in an attractive duo tone design. The nude color give is it a feminine chic appearance, while the black leather will easily match with her outfits. The Flap Leather Wallet is another great gift idea for an elegant young lady. This slim minimal wallet will accommodate her cash, credit cards or even a small makeup kit in an elegant and discreet manner to fit perfectly with her casual outfits. The Classic Belt in waxed tan is also an excellent Christmas gift, as it is suitable for both casual and elegant outfits. The versatile neutral color of this classic design belt along with the genuine leather will give a touch of high-class to her outfits.

For your teenager friend or younger brother, you should choose front-pocket size leather accessory, that best suit their minimalist style. Since nowadays teenagers are always on the run, a sleek lightweight wallet is the ideal accessory suitable for their dynamic lifestyle. A great gift for such an energetic young man is a slim iPhone Leather Wallet, which will accommodate and protect his iPhone, a few credit cards, namely just what he needs to use on a daily basis. The AtelierPALL minimal iPhone sleeve has a very smart design that offers easy access to the headphone port, so that he can listen to music or his favorite radio whenever he wants without taking his phone out of the sleeve. If he’s passionate about sports, than a small handcrafted minimal wallet will be an excellent Christmas gift as it is slim and discreet and will keep his cash and credit cards safe while he plays basketball with his friends. This credit card wallet is also perfect for his nights out. Nevertheless, if he prefers a roomier wallet, then the Slim Vertical Wallet handmade by Atelier PALL will pleasantly surprise him. This ultra slim leather wallet easily holds all his possessions (including coins) without bulging out of his front pocket, which makes it the perfect gift for him.

Whatever items you choose for your beloved ones, don’t forget that personalized gifts are even more appreciated. Engrave their initials on the Christmas gift and it will definitely impress them!

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